As an open-source and self-funded project, the roadmap presents a general guideline on the intended development of EUNO• into one of the most reliable and used cryptocurrencies. Please keep in mind that roadmap points are subject to change based on priorities, unplanned developments, and new ideas put forth and elected by the EUNO• governance team.

The different colors in the progress bar represent the new progress after a roadmap update.


NFC Payments via Mobile Wallets

New EUNO• Core Wallet

New and faster Core wallet running the new chain


SWAP process to our new chain. Swap ratio was 1:160

EUNO• Testnet

Allows development and testing on the EUNO· Blockchain without altering the live blockchain

Electron Desktop Wallet

Lightweight desktop wallet without downloading the blockchain on your machine

Support for new chain in the Mobile Wallet

Store and Send EUNO· from mobile devices. Downloadable via Apple App Store and Google Play Store


Restructure website to focus on delivering better information on EUNO· Pay

Voting Portal

Portal for Governance Members that allows crucial and important decisions to be voted on

Paper Wallet Generator (old chain)

Generate an offline wallet and print it on paper. It’s the safest way to store your EUNO·

EUNO• REMA (old chain)

Automatically send your masternode rewards to a different EUNO• address

Mobile Wallet redesign

Current mobile wallet is being redesign to meet the new EUNO• style guidelines

EUNA Telegram BOT

Our Telegram bot is called EUNA. Check her our in our Telegram room

Euno• Team & Community Meetup

Scheduling our first meetup

Euno Merchandise Shop

Euno• Merchandise shop with different designs to show your support!

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