Our Blockchain Snapshot at 30th August 2020 at 12pm on block 889666 was successful taken. Don't move your coins anywhere from now until we open the SWAP platform at 30th September 2020. Don't trade on any exchange if trading is still enabled.

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For X amount spent, user will receive X% cashback with EUNO·

What is EUNO•?

EUNO is a privacy-by-choice decentralized cryptocurrency that was established in June 2018 with the aim of becoming a leading payment medium in tomorrow's cashless society. In its bid to create a sustainable and trustworthy product, EUNO stresses the importance of fair distribution, long-term stability, and ease of use. Its flagship product EUNO·Pay will permit instant crypto-to-fiat mobile payments using near field communication (NFC) technology and offer a return on utilized coins through its in-development ACID protocol. EUNO is a self-funded project that endorses a participatory approach in development and strategic direction through its decentralized governance system. It is supported by an international team from diverse professional backgrounds such as software engineering, product development, finance, and marketing.

Our goal is to have a profitable, stable, safe, and anonymous blockchain that provides consumers and businesses unrivaled transaction processing, value, and tailored services.

EUNO· does not compete with other cryptocurrencies but rather we strive to provide solutions and support to users of all currencies and blockchain.

Coin specs

General Information

Block Reward 33.5 EUNO
Block Time 120 sec
Recalculated Difficulty Every block
Transaction Confirmation 10 Blocks
Mining Maturity 16 Blocks
Masternode Collateral 50,000 EUNO
Masternode Reward 80% from PoS
Min. Stake 72 Hours
Ticker EUNO

PoS Rewards

From Block 1 5 EUNO
From Block 10,000 50 EUNO
From Block 550,000 33.5 EUNO
From Block 915,000 22.4 EUNO
From Block 1,295,000 15 EUNO
From Block 1,675,000 10 EUNO
From Block 2,055,000 6.7 EUNO
From Block 2,435,000 4.5 EUNO
From Block 2,815,000 3 EUNO

PoW Rewards

From Block 250,000 to 500,000 9 EUNO
From Block 500,001 to 800,000 4 EUNO
From Block 800,001 1 EUNO

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